Windows 7 Unidentified Network

I became frustrated because every couple of times I would boot my computer up and lately every time I start my computer I could not connect to the internet and my network card was showing unidentified network.

The only solution I could find on the internet that worked for me was to restart my computer which worked for a while or disable the network card and then reenable it.

Finally I found a permanent solution to my problem I followed the following Microsoft document which solved my problem:


Even though the document is written for vista it worked in Windows 7.


If you are a beginner computer user, please use the link above and click on the MS Fix it button which is the easy way.


If you can not access the document above the instructions are as follows:

  • Click on start
  • In Windows 7 click on Search programs and files.  In Vista click in the Start and then Start Search
  • type:



  • press enter
  • In the black dos window type:

netsh int ip reset c:\resetlog.txt


  • Reboot the computer.

This will reset TCP/IP to its original state.